11 Reasons why Rugby is Different than Other Sports

Being involved in rugby is an amazing thing. Whether you are a fan, player or in the management, it is just awesome. From the players to the banter there is a lot of joy in the game. 

1.The fans

The rugby fans are awesome. Despite the rivalry, they just get along with each other without much security. In fact, rival fans sit together during a game. Even in the most competitive games, fans sit together without segregation, which makes the banter amazing.

2.The respect

In a rugby match, referees, teammates, and opponents show top respect to each other. It is rare to see anyone in rugby failing to comply with each other. Even if a player does not agree with the referee decision, they still call him sir or shake his hands despite what happened . This kind of respect is very rare in other sports in the world.

3. The banter

What makes rugby to be unique is how the fans are free with each other. The banter starts from the changing rooms between teammates and extends even after the game. The banter between rival fans is priceless despite the fact that they are free with each other.

4.It is inclusive

Rugby is a sport for everyone despite gender, sexuality age, or tastes. Even in a single team, you find a huge mix of weights, heights, and ages. The sport is different to other sports in the world. They do not seem to offer such combination of players who can mingle together. The women’s rugby continues to grow which shows how incredible rugby is.

5.The Camaraderie

During the tough times of winter when pitches look bogged down, playing can be hard. However, it is during these times that rugby players bond and shows respect to each other. The respect is even between opponents.

6.The hot showers and cold beers

Anyone who has played rugby can attest to the fact that these are one of the benefits of the game. Rugby can be tough at times, but a hot shower and beer will help you get back to your feet.

7.The physicality

Although there are other sports, you can experience the same, but the one in rugby is hard to match. The players are one of the toughest; they give the winners a hard time.

8.The experiences

In rugby, it is during the most difficult times that players and fans pull themselves together and show love for the game. From the trips to the match and the desperate bid to collect, the team makes everything unique.

9. The passion

Rugby has one of the most passionate fans and players in the world. The songs and the chants during the matches are just excellent.

10.The socials

Rugby socials are one of the most outstanding events in rugby seasons. Beers and songs in the celebration nights are just perfect.

11.The pain

If you are a rugby player, you can attest to the fact that pain after a game is proof that you have done your best during a match. Rugby players can strut with their burns or black eyes without shame.

In conclusion, rugby is just a fantastic sport in general. Even the diehard rugby fans such as Matthew David Parker will agree that even if you do not understand the rules, you will find something that excites you in a rugby match. 


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