About Me

john_pryor_headshot-750x392John Pryor is the strength and conditioning coordinator for the Japan Rugby Union and is also the director of the JointAction Group. In these roles, John has been a driving force in the success of both organizations on a massive scale and has consistently utilized innovative methodologies with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome. In each of his professional capacities, John has leaned on his continued commitment to conducting research relating to biomechanics and physiology in order to develop an optimal approach to training specifically based on the individual circumstance.

As the strength and conditioning coordinator for the Japan Rugby Union, John is responsible for developing a training program that yields the greatest possible fitness gains for team members. Using a highly specialized approach to an incredibly complex sport, John’s training program has been a key asset in Japan’s recent success in international competition. It was John’s training program that was frequently mentioned as a major factor in Japan’s victory over South Africa during the World Cup, a win many consider to be the greatest upset in the history of the sport. John accepted the position as strength and conditioning coordinator in 2012 and continues to serve in the position today.

In addition to his work with Japan’s National Team, John is also the director of JointAction Group, a company that leans on John’s vast knowledge and expertise in the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. While John is mostly known for his ability to apply biomechanical principles to athletic competition, his role with JointAction has him developing strategies for reducing injuries in the workforce. Through John’s analytical approach, JointAction is able to help workers across all industries use nutrition, training and recovery to be healthier and more productive at work while reducing the potential for future injury.

Before beginning his professional career, John earned a Master of Health Science in biomechanics from Southern Cross University. His academic career helped him gain an even deeper appreciation of the value of thorough research along with a willingness to develop new and unique training methodologies based on the research findings. In fact, it was John’s willingness to apply his research findings to Japan’s training program that has keyed the team’s continued success in international competition.

John also has previous experience working with the Australia Rugby Union, serving as both a consultant and a strength and conditioning coach for a period of three years before he accepted his current position with JointAction in 2008. Throughout his professional career, John has advocated an optimized approach to training, believing that specialized training based on the specifically desired outcome is simply the most ideal strategy.