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New Techniques for Enhancing Lateral Speed in Rugby Athletes

The sport of rugby has evolved quite a bit over the years, and most of this evolution is the direct result of the action and subsequent reaction associated with each new and innovative development in some area of the sport. After all, for each strategic development, a counterstrategy must be developed if the sport is to continually move forward.

In recent years, defensive strategy has only become increasingly effective, and while new offensive strategies have played an important role, the most effective counterstrategy lies in the development of strength training techniques designed to enhance lateral speed in the offensive rugby player. In John Pryor’s training programs, the emphasis tends to remain on developing relative leg power, leg adductor range of motion and an increased focus on the frontal plane of the pelvis as it relates to integrity and coordination.

The principle of lateral speed has not necessarily been overlooked by coaches and athletes, but there is room for improvement in the training techniques used to maximize lateral speed development in rugby athletes. One effective method for achieving this goal is through the successful adaptation of certain track and field training principles, particularly those relating to the vertical and horizontal jumping events.

Adopting a greater focus on plyometric exercises that include jumping, hopping and bounding can greatly enhance the offensive player’s ability to evade the defensive tactics employed by rugby opponents, especially when the goal of the training is to enhance the reactive strength of the athlete. This is particularly the case with lateral movement, as greater reactive strength in lateral movements is extraordinarily beneficial in all aspects of rugby competition.

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John Pryor—What it Takes To Be a Winner

Everyone wants to be a champion until the time comes to do what champions do. Many people believe you train to be a winner, but that’s not exactly true. You are a winner simply by deciding to be a winner, but you train to be a champion. In rugby, both winners and champions are needed in order to succeed and you can’t be a champion until you decide to be a winner.

What does it take to be a winner? The answer you’ll get from this question depends on who you ask, but if you’re asking John Pryor, the answer is attitude. We all take our hits and our falls, even the greatest champions. The difference is that a winner keeps going and doesn’t backslide and a winner doesn’t quit. When you fall, and you will so it’s not a matter of if you fall, don’t stay down. Get up again and again because you know your worth.

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John Pryor’s Strength

When we think about some of the greatest athletes, whether in the past or the present, what do think about? Depending on if you are a sports fanatic or not, your opinions of these people can range from being super heroes to being merely impressive athletes. If we take a deeper look into the lives of our favorite athletes and even the coaches that direct them, we will see that their success didn’t come though over night, much like John Pryor.

Little is known about John Pryor and what motivates him to do his best while on the rugby field until this afternoon when he spoke about his passion that fuels his strength. “I know the feeling of watching someone you look up to fail. It’s disheartening, when it should be enlightening,” said Pryor. “Every game I play, I imagine my own child is there, watching me, cheering me on. I can’t fail in front of his eyes. If he’s anything like me, I know that would crush his spirit.”

John Pryor holds his family to the highest degree and admits they are his passion, his purpose, his reason for giving 102% everyday. “You can’t fail the ones who are expecting the most out of you. Imagine being a little boy in love with super heroes and your dad is your biggest hero. Seeing him fail would be like watching Superman die,” Pryor commented.

Mr. Pryor isn’t the only one with such a high regard for his family and sees them as the source of his power. In a recent survey hosted in 2014, 76% of men said they have give their best effort because they have a family while 21% of men said they give their best effort to keep their title or reputation and the remaining 3% say they do not care. If you are a man, it seems to show that through these figures, having a family to depend on you and look up to you forces you to strive for excellence and that is exactly what John Pryor does 24/7 365 days a week.

Passion comes in many many different forms. To some, passion may be in the form of what they do for a living and for others it could be what they are doing for other people. In John Pryor’s case, his passion and strength comes from providing for his family and being an example for his child which is what so few children have in this day and age.

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