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John Pryor—What it Takes To Be a Winner

Everyone wants to be a champion until the time comes to do what champions do. Many people believe you train to be a winner, but that’s not exactly true. You are a winner simply by deciding to be a winner, but you train to be a champion. In rugby, both winners and champions are needed in order to succeed and you can’t be a champion until you decide to be a winner.

What does it take to be a winner? The answer you’ll get from this question depends on who you ask, but if you’re asking John Pryor, the answer is attitude. We all take our hits and our falls, even the greatest champions. The difference is that a winner keeps going and doesn’t backslide and a winner doesn’t quit. When you fall, and you will so it’s not a matter of if you fall, don’t stay down. Get up again and again because you know your worth.

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